Chris Childs

Problem Child

For starters, thanks to everyone for their interest with the infamous problem child tee featuring Chris Childs.

What makes everything interesting is, this all started when we had the opportunity to make something special for podcaster, actor and comedian Andrews Schulz. When we got our shot, we knew we had to select someone we not only respected, but admired.

Since we grew up watching Chris play for our hometown team (Toronto Raptors) and Andrew Schulz being a New York native, Chris was the perfect candidate.

We would like to announce that all of the proceeds from the sale of the Problem Child tee will be donated to The Chris Childs foundation. We would like to thank Jesse and Jenne Childs for assisting us with this project and Chris Childs for inspiring us.
We were once those kids that participated in youth basketball  programs in our community, so we understand the importance on how it effects and impacts the lives of our future generation.

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